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Flowers Doll Stroller

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    Flowers Doll Stroller
    Flowers Doll Stroller

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    Stroller Flowers is the perfect little buggy for a doll.
    Lightweight and foldable, it is compact and easy to take anywhere.
    It features soft Spring colours and a floral-patterned seat.
    A pushchair that promises lovely walks both indoors and outdoors and an essential accessory for walking your doll!
    Suitable for dolls from 30 to 34 cm.

    Design features;
    Foldable, compact and lightweight makes it easy to take anywhere.
    Coated fabric seat that is cleanable with a sponge and soapy water.
    Two closing points for added safety.

    Contents: 1 foldable stroller.
    Fabric designed by Tinou Le Joly Sénoville