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Rex London

Nature Trail Projector Torch

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    Children will love dimming the lights and scrolling through 16 unique Nature Trail images with this projector torch. Images can be projected onto walls and ceilings.

    • Comes with two discs (eight images on each):
      • Disc 1: Kingfisher, Seven Spot Ladybird, Common Kestrel, Woodlouse, Earwig, Capsid Bug, Ladybird Spider and Soldier Beetle
      • Disc 2: Yellow Meadow Ant, Zebra Spider, Cinnabar Moth, Stoat, Wasp Beetle, Nightingale, Land Snail and Black Vine Weevil
    • Instructions provided
    • Batteries: 3 x LR44 (included)
    • Not for children under 6

    How to use this projector torch:

    1. Pull back the flap and insert a disc. Make sure that the protrusion on the disc is lined up with the gap on the torch flap.
    2. Choose a wall or ceiling to project an image on to. To focus the image, turn the front of the torch.