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Add CollectA’s Parasaurolophus to your dinosaur toy collection. The Parasaurolophus lived 76-74 million years ago and was first discovered in 1922. At 11 metres long and a weight of 3500kg, this prehistoric dinosaur wasn’t one to be messed with!

CollectA has the biggest range of dinosaur toys in the world and designed the dinosaurs in collaboration with renowned UK palaeo imagery. The CollectA Parasaurolophus measures in at a more modest 12cm L x 11cm H x 5cm W and weighs just 0.07kgs.

Did you know that the male Parasaurolophus’ head carried a long curving and hollow crest thought to be used for both making a trumpeting sound and as a symbol of recognition? The female’s crest was shorter and more curving.

Parasaurolophus product features:

  • Realistic dinosaur replica
  • 12cm L x 11cm H x 5cm W
  • Made from non-phthalate PVC