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Studio Roof

Studio Roof Rainbow Leaf Beetle

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    The Studio Roof Rainbow Leaf Beetle is a small flat-packed decorative model made from recycled cardboard. The recycled cardboard is treated with vegetable dyes to give it a bright multicoloured and eco-friendly finish. This Rainbow Leaf Beetle has a mix of green, blue, orange and brown, which really make the model pop and brings the creature to life!

    Studio Roof use sustainable precision manufacturing methods to make a flat-packed design that neatly slots together to create a 3D decoration. This set includes 11 different pieces on four B7 sheets. Building these is great fun for children and parents alike, working on hand-eye coordination and allowing you to get creative.

    This beautiful, impressive decoration will make a statement in any room of the house! Team this up with other Studio Roof sets at Babipur for a stunning, colourful collection.

    Full assembly instructions can be found inside the packaging.

    • Includes 11 slotting cardboard pieces
    • Coloured with vegetable dyes
    • Fun for people of all ages
    • Colourful and modern design
    • Easily hung on walls
    • Eco-friendly and plastic free

    Size: 7 x 5 x 15cm

    Studio ROOF combine nature, fantasy and art to create vibrant 3D wall decorations using recycled cardboard and plant-based vegetable inks. Bring these 3D objects to life by slotting together the colourful parts to make your own striking cardboard models. Based in the Netherlands, Studio ROOF is a family owned-business started in 2005.Dedicated to craftmanship and inspired by the imagination and playfulness of childhood, Studio ROOF believe in bringing this to every aspect of life, whatever your age! With stylish, contemporary design, make a statement on any wall with these colourful decorative wall art animal, insect and botanical models.